8 000

Czech men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year

more cases than 20 years ago

1 500

Czech men die of prostate cancer every year

70 000

Czech men live with a history of prostate cancer


24 November 2022


Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Congress Hall
Vídeňská 1958, 140 21 Prague 4

Organised by

National Screening Centre
(+420) 770 171 533

Thank you to everyone who attended the PROSTAFORUM 2022 conference, either in person or online. We would like to thank the speakers for their insightful presentations describing the issues of early detection, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. We believe that this conference will contribute to the implementation of screening programmes in the Czech Republic and other European countries, to a better quality of life for patients and to saving lives. Please consider supporting the Prague Prostaforum Declaration.